Thursday, 23 August 2012

Need a new V

Decided that Vargouille was too synonymous with D&D so I need a new one. I've changed other ones before but can't decide to what so i'm going to let you decide what you think will look cool!

Got 5 options. Source of info from

1. Velue - A creature from France whose name translates as ‘Shaggy Beast’. The Velue was a green haired creature from French myth that has suckers coming from the sides of its body. It uses this suckers to attack and sting its victims. It had a long tail, enormous feet and the head of a snake

2. Vulpangue - A serpent that has the head of a fox from Andean legends. Similar to Hide and Cuero.

3. Volkodlak - The Volkodlak is the name of the Werewolf from the mythology of Russia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania.

4. Virupaksha - The pure white winged elephant of Indian mythology. It is the mount of the god Indra who was stunned by its beauty. Airavata has the ability to suck up the water of the earth and spray over all the land creating rain, which was its gift to man.

5. Vithafnir - The golden cockerel of Norse mythology that sits on top of Yggdrasil the world tree. It sits there watching out for the signs of Ragnarok- the end of days.

Please comment below with your choice!


  1. I've been in a werewolf mood lately, so I'll vote for Volkodlak.

  2. Got 2 from the twitter saying 4. so that's 3 for Virupaksha :)

  3. Gonna have to go with either 4 or 5